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Think beyond job boards: Find & attract qualified candidates 

JANUARY 15, 2024

Effective recruitment is crucial for building a skilled and motivated workforce for your business’ success. It ensures the right talent is in place, fostering innovation, productivity and a positive work culture. Employing the proven recruitment marketing solutions offered by FCC provides your business with the ability to precisely target candidates and build an irresistible employer brand to increase the chances of finding the best employees.


At a glance

In today’s market, it isn’t enough to just post open positions on a job board. With FCC, you are able to quickly reach a pool of potential candidates with targeted recruitment marketing solutions. We make it as simple as possible to employ our omnichannel recruitment solutions. With the help of our recruitment marketing specialists, you are able to create out-of-the-box recruitment strategies, engaging job listings, videos, brand journalism and more to target the right candidates.


FCC offers support throughout the recruitment process. You will work directly with a recruitment marketing consultant on media planning, ad placement, content creation, job fairs/events and more. 

Build your employer brand

Showcasing your company and culture makes your business stand out as an employer of choice. Our consultants can assist with campaign planning, creative services and video production to build on your brand and ensure prospective employees find the information they need. We help you create an employer brand encouraging qualified candidates to seek out opportunities with your business. Candidates can easily find your business listing to see and save job openings, view your company website, scroll through photos or watch videos and set up alerts to view future job openings. 


With the low unemployment rate, the current labor market includes a large number of passive job seekers: people with a job who aren’t actively job searching, but are open to new opportunities if they see the right career. We can help you reach this audience along with those actively searching. 

The hiring process can be challenging, but finding and attracting candidates saves you time and stress and you need something beyond a traditional job board. Our marketing recruitment solutions and industry-specific focus ensures you attract the candidates you want, facilitating efficient and effective hiring for businesses of all sizes. Let’s streamline your recruitment efforts, connect you with qualified candidates and build a successful workforce for your business.

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