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About Us

We make it easy to work with us.
Forum Communications is a family owned media company bringing quality journalism and advertising solutions to the Upper Midwest since 1878.

Our long-standing commitment to quality and our understanding of the ever-evolving media landscape enables us to deliver exceptional service to you, our partners. We blend traditional values with contemporary approaches, staying at the forefront of the industry’s latest trends and technologies.

Why Work With Us?

Reach the largest engaged audience in the Upper Midwest with over 10.5M visits from 5M+ people.

Get maximum brand exposure for increased sales and profitability.

Precisely target your exact audience for increased sales, profit potential and business growth.

Efficiently use your advertising budget for the greatest influence and impact.

Enhance your market presence by advertising in the same space as your competitors but with greater strategic insight.

Optimize your revenue potential with strategic advertising that maximizes your budget.

Achieve your goals with campaigns aligned to the metrics that matter to you and reporting that helps you drive future advertising strategy.

Know your advertising ROI and increase sales, market share and brand awareness.

Simplify your advertising from strategy to execution with one expert resource helping you achieve maximum advertising results.

Save time and money with personalized, attentive customer service and advertising expertise.

Support another local company invested in the success of your business and community.

Invest locally with a partner to strengthen our community and economy.

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