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Innovative advertising strategies to recruit employees

June 18, 2024

In today’s competitive job market, businesses are constantly faced with the challenge to successfully recruit employees. Innovative advertising strategies help you reach the right candidates and a larger audience.

In this blog, we explore three FCC employee recruitment case studies highlighting the success of our advertising strategies to attract top talent. From targeted social media and digital advertising to creative and geofencing approaches, these case studies provide valuable insights into how strategic advertising can make a significant impact on your recruitment efforts.

A person looking at a laptop with a targeted approach

CASE STUDY: Compelling creative and social helps city recruit engineers

Even in an uncertain job market, finding top-level technical talent can be difficult, especially when the positions aren’t in major metropolitan areas.


A city needed to hire engineers, but was having trouble reaching the right candidates. Distance from the region’s major metropolitan areas and a population just under 40,000 people added to the challenge of attracting talent.


We used a combination of display ads and social strategy to highlight the city’s strengths. New animated creative ads provided details qualified candidates needed to know, painted an appealing picture of the work and qualities from the area. Keyword research was more specifically targeted to engineering appeal to area candidates.


The combined approach was a success. The display campaign drove a strong click through rate of .18%, while the social campaign drove a 2.48% click through rate. The city saw a sharp increase in qualified candidates.


It is important to leverage creative and social strategies that highlight the unique strengths and qualities of your business to attract top talent, especially in challenging recruitment situations. Tailoring ads to appeal to specific candidate preferences impacts the success of a recruitment campaign.

A person is at a laptop reviewing job applicants and resumes.

CASE STUDY: Social and digital campaign helps bring new applicants to hiring event

Hiring events are successful when you market to the right people.



A business looked to fill numerous positions and hosted a hiring event. They were looking for qualified candidates to attend the event and submit applications.



We focused advertising efforts on social media and digital ads with addressable, keyword and geofencing targeting to reach the right people. These tactics drove interest and participation in the hiring event.




The advertising strategy drove 30 new online applications with 44 people attending the hiring event.


The success of your hiring event depends on targeted marketing efforts reaching the right audience through social media and digital advertising. Using addressable, keyword and geofencing targeting enhances maximum visibility and engagement from potential candidates, resulting in higher applicant turnout for your hiring events.

A woman on a laptop looking at job postings

CASE STUDY: Display and geofencing help a manufacturer recruit top talent

A meat product manufacturer had a variety of job openings, including raw production, packaging and boxing and sanitation.




Although this manufacturer has entry-level to highly experienced job openings, they were having a difficult time finding quality candidates.




A strong brand message is always necessary, but even more so in a job market that favors job seekers. We created display ads that showed this company’s employer value proposition. These were then strategically used with a contextual and programmatic targeted approach in the company’s strongest responsive geographic areas.




This strategic approach proved to be a huge success. There was an 88% year-over-year increase in applications, along with a significant decrease in time-to-hire and cost of recruiting.




If your company is seeking to recruit top talent, a strong brand message combined with display ads and geofencing strategies effectively attract quality candidates. By showcasing your employer value proposition and utilizing targeted advertising in significant geographic areas, you can increase the quantity and quality of job applications while reducing recruiting costs and time-to-hire.


Trends from successful recruiting

Through the case studies we’ve examined, there are several trends your business can incorporate into recruitment initiatives:


1. Creative and social strategies:
Leveraging creative and social strategies highlighting the unique strengths and qualities of your business can attract top talent even in challenging recruitment situations. Tailor ads to appeal to specific candidate preferences to enhance the success of your recruitment campaign.


2. Targeted advertising:
Targeted efforts through social media and digital advertising reach the right audience for hiring events and generate interest and event participation. Using addressable, keyword and geofencing targeting builds visibility and engagement from potential candidates, resulting in higher attendee turnout and online applications.


3. Strong brand message:
Display ads and geofencing strategies that showcase your employer value proposition attract quality candidates. By building a strong brand message and promoting it through targeted advertising in responsive geographic areas, your business will increase both the quantity and quality of job applications while reducing recruitment costs and time-to-hire.

The competitive job market requires your business to think outside of the box in recruitment advertising efforts to successfully attract top talent. Our case studies provide practical insights into the power of innovative advertising strategies, such as creative and social strategies, targeted advertising and a strong brand message. Incorporating these trends into recruitment processes helps your business attract the right candidates, ultimately contributing to long-term success.

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