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Case Study: Omnichannel Campaign

The Challenge: For this particular campus, the lack of a strong online presence and recognized brand was the main hurdle. In addition, the university faced competition for students from other colleges and universities.

The Solution: Forum Communications launched a comprehensive digital campaign with an omnichannel approach including- Display, Social Media and SEM. Geo-fencing targeted high school students. The primary goal was to drive enrollment and the secondary goal was to build awareness.

The Results: The omnichannel approach has been a success. Display ads have seen a .13% CTR and 9.14% engagement rate. SEM efforts resulted in 51,000 impressions, with an 2.37% click-through rate. Social media campaigns saw 411,000 impressions, with 3.12% CTR. The university is pleased with the results and is excited to continue these campaigns

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