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Should you still include print advertising in your marketing campaign? Yes, and here’s why.

September 1, 2023

In an industry dominated by digital trends, many marketers question whether print advertising has a place in their campaigns today. However, print advertising is still very much an important component of any successful marketing campaign and here are five reasons why. 

People trust print ads and traditional advertising.

Social media and viral videos can be entertaining and put products and services in front of consumers, but what people trust when it comes down to making a purchase is printed advertising. That’s according to a Marketing Sherpa survey where 82% of respondents said they trusted print ads the most regarding purchasing decisions, followed by TV ads and mail ads. 

If you’re surprised by that data, consider the power and appeal print has as well as the high standards set for printed materials, all of which make it a valuable marketing tool. Additionally, when your ad appears in a credible and trusted source of information, it lends that credibility and trustworthiness to your brand as well.

People respond to print advertising.

Purchasing something seen in a print ad is the ultimate response when it comes to advertising, but that’s not the only one. Consider these statistics from Predictable Profits

  • Nearly 80% of consumers act on printed mail compared to 45% who act on digital ads.
  • Printed mail elicits a 9% response rate compared to the 1% response rate for digital marketing. 
  • People typically spend 20 minutes or more reading printed media compared to 5 minutes spent on digital media. 

Simply put, people pay more attention to print advertising.

Consumers remember printed information better.

Readers tend to spend more time reviewing printed materials and focusing their attention on what they are seeing, which means they are more likely to recall that information later. It also allows you to include more details, explanations and directions to assist in the purchase process. That’s what makes print advertising extremely beneficial in gaining your audience’s attention, brand awareness for your business and top-of-mind recollection for purchase decisions. 

People can hang on to something physical.

Recalling your brand isn’t the only benefit of printed advertisements – they are also tangible as well as credible. 

Ever run across something you tucked away earlier and decided to act on it weeks or even months later? Newspapers, magazines, direct mail, etc. give consumers something they can hold on to and view later when they are ready to make a purchase decision. From adding your ad to a stack of to-do’s or hanging it on their refrigerator, the longevity of a printed advertisement creates an advantage over many other mediums to gain customers and sales long past the original publication or send date.

You can reach as broad or as targeted of an audience as you want.

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to reach a large audience, print advertising is a great way to do that, and it also offers the ability to reach a hyperlocal audience.  For instance, newspaper subscribers tend to be employed homeowners with a college education who have lived in their community for 5+ years with a higher disposable income.

Direct mail is another way to get your product or service in front of exactly the right people based on the demographics and location targeting capabilities. And don’t think that only Baby Boomers are subscribing to print media; one study found that 33% of Millennials and 35% of Gen Xers have an active subscription to a newspaper or magazine.

In an increasingly digital world, print advertising is an effective way to catch a consumer’s attention and hold it. You want your overall marketing campaign to include digital and print advertising that complement each other, and harness the unique power of both mediums. You’ll be selling your business and your product short and missing out on a critical opportunity to maximize impact and leave a lasting impression with your consumers if you don’t include print as a key element of your advertising strategy. 

If you need insight on the best print advertising for your campaign, our advertising team can help. Send us an email at to start the conversation.