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How our ad platform benefits your business

May 21, 2024

Navigating advertising can be daunting for any business. Enter our advertising platform — an all-in-one solution designed to streamline your advertising efforts and move your business forward. Let’s look at how our ad platform can benefit your business, from simplifying multi-channel advertising to providing valuable insights for strategic planning and more.

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Multi-channel made easy

Multi-channel advertising maximizes exposure, allowing you to reach your target audience through various channels effortlessly. However, implementing a multi-channel strategy can be challenging, involving multiple vendors and solutions. Using our team and our advertising platform simplifies this process by offering omnichannel strategic planning, an integrated reporting dashboard and campaign workflow solutions.

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Your proposal in minutes

Gone are the days of spending hours crafting advertising proposals. Our advertising platform and team of experts generates your personalized proposals for you in a matter of minutes. You can quickly review data-driven advertising proposals tailored to your business goals, budget and customer. Once approved, we implement and maximize your advertising campaign.

Unmatched transparency

An advertising platform like ours offers the most transparency possible through comprehensive reporting, data analytics and full visibility into your advertising efforts. You, along with our team, have access to a live analytics dashboard 24/7, allowing us to monitor campaign performance, view heat maps to understand where your ads are being delivered and track various metrics per advertising channel.

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Creative services

Captivating and innovative ads attract attention and drive engagement. With our advertising platform, you’ll have access to professional, agency-quality creative resources for various channels, mediums and formats. You can leverage this free service to select and customize creative elements that resonate with your target audience. These services range from graphic design to copywriting, helping you create compelling ads for your campaign that drive results.

Transformational results

Our advertising platform provides an analytics dashboard that presents campaign performance data essential for continuous improvement. This makes it easy to understand your results, going beyond simple click metrics. With this information, you can evaluate the success of your advertising, identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your advertising efforts.

Case Study

Omnichannel approach helps national hardware chain reach multiple audience


The challenge: A well-known national hardware chain was looking to unify their brand and advertising across 7 locations.

The solution: A fresh start was needed. Backed by the latest data, Forum Communications launched a multi-channel campaign that included TV, Display, OTT, Streaming Audio and SEM. Consistent messaging and fresh creative across all channels throughout the year was a priority and audience targeting was expanded to areas of the state that were previously overlooked. 

The results:The combination of compelling creative and effective targeting paid off. Expanding the geographical reach resulted in 6 million impressions – with a CTR of .68% and a 5.9x digital lift, well above the .25% goal.


Working with our team and using our advertising platform’s various channels, planning tools, creative resources and transparent reporting ensures your business reaches a wider audience and achieves the best results.

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