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Case Study: Omnichannel Campaign Grows Customers

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Increase in New Patients


A physical therapy clinic was having difficulty bringing in new patients. One major reason: although this clinic
didn’t require patients to be referred to them by a doctor, many potential patients believed that a referral was


Forum Communications recommended that a campaign to educate audiences about the clinic’s open-door policy was needed. Display, Social, CTV, OTT, Pre Roll and Streaming Audio would be included in the campaign. Creative was developed that would resonate with various target audiences; geofencing would reach audiences in optimal

Reaching out to these audiences proved to be a great decision; the campaign resulted in the most conversions for the entire year. The campaign resulted in a 40% increase in the total number of new patients, with 80% of those being patients who came to the clinic without a referral – the audience that the campaign was built to attract.

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