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Case Study: Display Ads & SEM Increase Revenue

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Year Over Year Increase in Revenue


A general store faced a few challenges. The team was unfamiliar with digital marketing and digital advertising, and wasn’t sure where to start.

The Solution:

Forum Communications invested in SEM and display ads, with an emphasis on retargeting. The Display strategy had two objectives: promote the store’s products and drive traffic to the website and boost their e-commerce sales. The SEM campaign targeted 5 zip codes with a list of keywords related to the store’s popular products, as well as competitor names.

The Results:

The initial goal was not only met, it was surpassed. The one-two punch of  a focused digital advertising campaign and a robust SEM effort paid off. They saw a year over year increase in revenue by 40%!


Search Engine Marketing

Use search advertising to drive qualified leads to your website of buyers ready to take action.

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Display & Banner Advertising

Serve graphic ads encouraging your audience to take a specific action or raise brand awareness.

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