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Advertising complex services or products made easy

OCTOBER 10, 2023

When it comes to marketing our products, many experts advocate for keeping things as easy as possible. However, if the product or service you’re showcasing is a bit complex – as in it requires technical skills, has an unusual design or multiple components – you’ll need to be strategic in how you approach the idea of keeping things simple and instead focus on how you are talking about the product or service, rather than just details.

Focus on solutions, benefits

All good marketers know you need to show the value of the product or service you’re advertising; with a complex product or service, focus on the fact your audience is looking for a solution. What is the main issue or problem you’re solving for them? Identify that and then start asking questions which relate to how your product or service offers the solution. You’ll be able to simplify your explanation while also highlighting the value of your product or service.

Remember to explain the benefits – rather than the features – of your product or service. Potential customers or clients won’t be impressed by flashy features or exciting updates if they don’t understand how your product or service makes their life easier or better. 

Also, depending on the level of complexity, you can generate many different content components with the various questions or issues your product or service resolves, giving you a comprehensive campaign which explains what your product or service does and why someone should invest in it.

Let stories do the talking

Testimonials are great for all products and services, but even more so for something complex or technical. The people who are actually benefiting from your product or service are the best marketers you have, so leverage their experience and explanation – they will likely connect with a potential customer or client on a deeper level. In fact, 92% of consumers read reviews and testimonials before making a purchase, and 88% trust them as much as they trust recommendations from their own friends and family, according to BigCommerce.

For complex and technical services or products, work on getting a story out of your current customer or client, rather than just a simple review or testimonial. You want more than just a couple of sentences and a star rating. Have them talk about the frustrations or challenges they faced and how your product or service changed that for them. That type of storytelling is marketing gold and can help prove the point of why customer testimonials are the most effective content marketing, according to HubSpot.

The most well-rounded marketing campaigns include content for a variety of platforms, but don’t be afraid to spend a bit more time on video testimonials. The most popular content online is video, which will likely account for more than 80% of all traffic this year, according to Demand Sage’s 2023 report. Yes, written testimonials are great and can be used in a variety of ways, but 2 out 3 people report they’d be more likely to purchase something after watching a testimonial video, and 37% of people believe testimonial videos provide a more authentic perspective than a pitch from the business, according to Wyzowl.

Provide free trials or guarantees.

While you may find the idea of a free trial or potential refund as a threat to your bottom line, consider what you’re gaining: confidence and trust. You’re showing your potential client or customer you stand behind what you’re selling which enhances the credibility of your company.  Your faith in your product resonates with the client.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to develop an effective marketing campaign for a complex service or product, let us know. Our advertising team can help you create a plan that will highlight value, demonstrate benefits and speak to your intended audience. Email us at to get the conversation started.